Corporate Communication Activities

Duties and responsibilities of Corporate Communication
  • It sets and coordinates various discussion forums and events intended for raising awareness on government policies, strategies, regulations, guidelines as well as other issues that help to have a national consensus and image building.

  • Prepares and broadcasts quality articles, press releases and other different messages that help aware the public.

  • It undertakes media monitoring and environmental assessment activities and prepares analysis.

  • It plans, coordinates and conducts press conferences, press releases, exhibitions, visits and interviews and monitors their media coverage

  • It works as the ‘spokesperson’ of the Institute

  • It Undertakes crisis prevention activities related to the leather sector and the Institute.

  • It promotes the Vision, mission, values, plans and performance of the institute to different stake holders by using different communication methods.

  • It creates awareness on different proclamations, rules and regulations set by the government related to the leather sector.

  • Carries out photographing and filming of different activities of the institute, makes use of other important information for different purposes.

  • Receives information seekers about the Institute, enables them to access proper information from proper sources.

  • Conducting media relation activities.

  • Publishes and provides quality and standard posters, magazines, news bulletins, broachers and fliers to popularize the Institutes objective and the general activities in the leather sector.