Planning & Information Directorate

  • Government (office of the prime minister and house of peoples representatives)
  • Leather industry sector
  • Employees
  • Investors, researchers and policy makers of the sector
  • Trade associations
  • Consumers associations
  • Civic associations
  • The media
  • Regional industry & investment bureaus
  • The public in general
  • Ministry of foreign affairs
  • Central statistics agency
  • Customs and revenue authority
  • National Bank of Ethiopia
  • Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
  • Development Bank of Ethiopia
  • Donors
Deliverables of the processes under the directorate
  • and vision by way of linking with the Government policies and strategies.
  • A report of monitoring and evaluation based on data and information, which enables to take corrective actions in areas of failure and inefficiencies.
  • Complete and up-to-date information that is distributed to stakeholders, to make the sector globally competitive, by providing investment and market information.

Existence of secure and efficient IT infrastructure, suitable and reliable for information exchange.