Planning & Information Directorate

Major activities
Corporate planning, monitoring & evaluation
  • Creating linkage between the mission and vision of the sector; and Government policies and strategies
  • Monitoring and evaluation of performances and take actions based on the findings and produce a report.

Sub activities under this major activity also include the following:
  • Strategic sector plan, performance and budget plan
  • Inclusion of gender mainstreaming issues into the plan
  • Preparation of manual of general planning framework
  • Report of the outcomes of policies and strategies and their feedback
  • Sustainable and up-to-date monitoring and evaluation reporting
  • Development of IT skills
  • Participative and planning and evaluation processes
Data collection, organization & dissemination:
  • Production and dissemination of information, that is accurate and timely, which supports the sector.
  • Designing a conducive environment for information management system
  • A centralized information service
  • Customer feedback and analysis system
  • Sector oriented current and correct information
  • IT supported inter sectoral information exchange system